Odysseus encounters many people in the Land Of The Dead. They include Elpenor, Epicaste, Theban Teiresias, Agamemnon, Achilles, Minos, Heracles, Tantalus, and Anticlea (the mother of Odysseus)....
He first goes to the home of the swineherd Eumaois, who offers the stranger his humble yet open-hearted hospitality (Book XIV). Meanwhile, Telemachos, having completed his interviews with the Achaean survivors of the Trojan War, returns to Ithaka, avoiding the ambush that has been set for him by the suitors (Book XV).

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Odysseus does not want to leave. Finally his men plead with him to return to their journey, and he agrees. Circe advised them to go to the Underworld and seek the prophecy of Teiresias. In the Underworld, Teiresias predicted that Odysseus and his men would reach home but would encounter more obstacles.
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When Odysseus meets the ghost of his mother, we see the degree to which he is willing to sacrifice personal feeling to prudence and piety: he holds his own mother at bay in order to follow Circe's instructions.
He does know me and he knows about what is going on at home. He told me about Penelope and the men staying with her. That made me angry and even more anxious to get home and see her and kick the men out. My trip to the underworld also made me think of my son Telemachus who I left many years ago just after he was born.

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What was Thetis' fate Who does Thetis marry How long did Odysseus stay on the island of Calypso Would sit ona beach and pray to Zeus for freedom Odysseus built a raft to sail home from the island of Calypso, but why didn't he make it home Bribes Paris by saying he will give her the most beautiful...
Jan 28, 2020 · When we first meet Odysseus, in Book 5 of the epic, he is a prisoner Of the beautiful goddess Calypso. The old soldier is in despair: He has spent ten years trying to get home. However, even when Calypso finally

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Odysseus went to the underworld to seek the counsel of the prophet Tiresias on how to complete his journey home. While there, Odysseus was able to speak to his mother Eventually, Odysseus grew fearful in the mass of shrieking souls and fled the underworld to continue his voyage home.

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